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Tempting My Offish Mate

Rain is a stubborn college student who is never afraid to speak her mind. After having her heart broken in high school, she is determined to focus on her studies. However, her plans are turned upside down when she meets her mate on her first night of college.

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Rain’s mate is Charles, a hot and mysterious older man. Charles is also her new boss at her internship. Rain is initially apprehensive about their relationship, but she is drawn to Charles nonetheless.

Charles is also drawn to Rain, but he is hesitant to pursue a relationship with her because of their age difference and the fact that she is his employee. However, his wolf is determined to have Rain, and Charles eventually gives in to his desires.

Tempting My Offish Mate

Rain and Charles begin a passionate secret love affair. However, their relationship is complicated by the fact that they work together and by the fact that Rain’s father kept her heritage a secret from her. Rain is actually a hybrid, a werewolf and an elf as well. Not just any elf either, but next in line to a kingdom.

Rain must learn to balance her new relationship with her studies, her family, and her newfound royal responsibilities. She must also learn to control her wolf side, which is becoming more and more powerful.

Along the way, Rain and Charles must face many challenges, including rogue wolves, political intrigue, and their own personal insecurities. However, their love for each other is strong, and they are determined to be together.

In the end, Rain and Charles overcome all obstacles and are able to build a happy and fulfilling life together. Rain accepts her role as queen of the elf kingdom, and Charles becomes her king consort. They are a powerful and loving couple, and they rule their kingdom wisely and justly.


Tempting My Offish Mate is a steamy and heartwarming romance novel with a supernatural twist. It is a story about finding true love, overcoming challenges, and embracing your true self.

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