X-Force (2019) Comic Book Series

X-Force Comic Book Series
X-Force Comic Book Series

THE HIGH PRICE OF A NEW DAWN, from Book 1! In terms of intelligence operations and special operations, X-Force is the CIA of the mutant world. Wolverine, Kid Omega, and Domino were on one side, with Beast, Jean Grey, and Sage on the other.

About the Authors of X-Force

Benjamin Percy

Benjamin Percy, Author of X-Force Comic Book Series
Benjamin Percy, Author of X-Force Comic Book Series

Benjamin Percy is a renowned, genre-defying novelist, screenwriter, and comic book creator. His six books include The Unfamiliar Garden (William Morrow), The Ninth Metal, The Dark Net, The Dead Lands, Red Moon, and The Wilding. His most recent is The Unfamiliar Garden. Three collections of his short stories have been released: Suicide Woods, Refresh, Refresh, and The Language of Elk. Additionally, he is the author of the widely used collection of articles Thrill Me, which is taught in creative writing workshops. For Marvel Comics, he is the writer of Wolverine, X-Force, and Ghost Rider. His acclaimed runs on Green Arrow, Devil’s Highway, Teen Titans, Year Zero, Nightwing, and James Bond are among the titles for which he is most known. He has also written for DC Comics, AWA Studios, and Dynamite Entertainment.

Nadia Shammas

Arab-American author NADIA SHAMMAS hails from Brooklyn. She is most known for being the author and co-creator of Squire, a Middle Eastern fantasy comic book for young adults.Arab-American cartoonist Nadia Shammas was born and reared in Brooklyn, New York. SQUIRE, a Middle Eastern YA fantasy book slated for release in the fall of 2021, is co-created and written by her. She also founded and edited CORPUS: A Comic Anthology of Bodily Ailments, an anthology centered on experiences with disease, disability, and healthcare. When she’s not writing, she thinks about her three great loves: cold brew coffee, cats, and girls with swords.

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