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Werewolf Nights

Werewolf Nights is a novel by Mari Hamill that tells the story of Catherine Mercy, a widowed bakery owner who lands the leading role in a werewolf movie. She falls in love with her co-star Greg Byron, who is bitten by a wolf and starts to transform into a werewolf. Catherine also discovers that the movie script is based on her family’s history and that she is the target of a legendary werewolf named Wolfern. She seeks the help of a werewolf expert named Steve to save Greg and herself from Wolfern’s wrath.

Werewolf Nights is a fun and entertaining read that combines romance, mystery, and fantasy. The author creates a vivid setting and likable characters that draw the reader into the story. The plot is fast-paced and full of twists and turns that keep the reader guessing until the end. The novel also has a metafictional aspect, as it explores the relationship between fiction and reality, and how stories can shape our lives. The novel has some humorous moments, especially when Catherine interacts with her best friend Anne and her eccentric grandmother. The novel also has some steamy scenes between Catherine and Greg, as well as some action-packed scenes involving werewolves. The novel is suitable for fans of paranormal romance and urban fantasy who enjoy a light-hearted and engaging story.


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This is the first novel for Hamill, who has an English degree from Harvard. She’s a comic book retailer at Metro Comics, which sparked her love of fantasy

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