We’ll Burn Last” by Heather Chavez

Certainly! “What We’ll Burn Last” by Heather Chavez is a gripping thriller that unfolds against the backdrop of a 16-year investigation into the disappearance of Ellie Byrd. Here are the key points:

Main Characters in We’ll Burn Last” by Heather Chavez

  • Leyna  Clarke: When she was twelve, Leyna watched her older sister, Grace, walk away from their Sierra Nevada foothills home with her boyfriend, Adam Duran. Neither was ever seen again.
  • Dominic Duran: Leyna’s childhood crush and Adam’s brother.
  • Meredith Clerk: Leyna and Grace’s mother, who still lives in the family’s old home.
  • Olivia Duran: Adam and Dominic’s mother, determined to prove that Meredith and Leyna have been hiding something all these years.

Plot We’ll Burn Last” by Heather Chavez i

  • Sixteen years later, a stranger who looks like Grace shows up at the restaurant where Leyna works—and vanishes soon after.
  • Leyna was one of the last people to have talked with the young woman, and Dominic pleads with her to come home.
  • The past isn’t the only threat to the two families or the missing girl. As a wildfire sparks, tempers flare, and intentions turn deadly.


  • California neighborhood with a backdrop of the Sierra Nevada foothills.
  • The tension escalates as a wildfire crackles to life nearby.


  • Secrets and hidden truths.
  • The impact of a long-unsolved mystery on families.
  • The danger of wildfires and how they mirror the hidden secrets in the community.

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Certainly! The conclusion of “What We’ll Burn Last” by Heather Chavez ties together the threads of secrets, family dynamics, and the wildfire that threatens the community. As the mystery unravels, trust is tested, and hidden truths come to light. The novel leaves readers contemplating the impact of long-buried secrets on families and the power of nature to reveal what has been concealed for years.

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