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Vladimir An alluring, sharp-witted, and timely first novel delves into the life of a cherished English professor who grapples with a barrage of allegations against her spouse, a fellow professor, made by former students. As the situation gains complexity, it becomes even more intricate when she finds herself developing an intense fixation of her own…

“In my childhood, I held a fondness for elderly gentlemen, sensing a reciprocal fondness emanating from them.”

This is how we meet our captivatingly astute storyteller: a well-liked English professor whose captivating husband, also employed at the same small liberal arts college, is now the subject of an investigation due to his inappropriate liaisons with his former students. Over time, the couple has maintained an unspoken understanding regarding their extramarital endeavors. However, the emergence of these fresh allegations shatters their comfort. The narrator’s fascination with Vladimir, a renowned young novelist who happens to be married, arrives on campus, and their already fragile world teeters dangerously close to eruption.

With this fearless, daring, and extraordinarily self-assured debut, writer Julia May Jonas escorts us into charged territory where ethical boundaries clash with the instincts of the human heart. This propulsive narrative, infused with dark humor and boundless entertainment, masterfully captures the intricate minefield of our present era—revealing the subtle differentiations and the ambiguous space between authority and longing.

About The Author

julia may jonas
julia may jonas

Julia May Jonas is a writer, director, and the founder of theater company Nellie Tinder. (www.nellietinder.org) She has taught at Skidmore College and NYU and lives in Brooklyn with her family. Vladimir is her first novel.


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