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Certainly! “Two Can Keep a Secret” by Karen M. McManus is a gripping middle-grade thriller that combines elements of true crime and high school romance. Let me provide you with a summary:

The story revolves around twin siblings, Ellery and Ezra Corso, who move to their mother’s hometown of Echo Ridge, Massachusetts. Here are the key points:

Main Characters

Certainly! Let’s delve into the main characters of “Two Can Keep a Secret”:

  1. Ellery Corcoran:
    • The protagonist of the novel.
    • A smart and observant high school student.
    • Moves to Echo Ridge with her twin brother, Ezra, after their mother enters rehab.
    • Has a fascination with true crime and mysteries.
    • Becomes involved in investigating the town’s secrets.
  2. Malcolm Kelly:
    • A local resident of Echo Ridge.
    • Malcolm’s brother, Declan, was suspected of murdering his high school girlfriend, Lacey.
    • Malcolm is determined to uncover the truth about Lacey’s death.
    • Becomes Ellery’s friend and partner in solving the mysteries.
  3. Katrin:
    • Peter’s daughter and Malcolm’s stepsister.
    • A popular girl at school.
    • Has connections to the town’s dark past.
  4. Brooke and Viv:
    • Popular girls at school.
    • Brooke is the current homecoming queen.
    • Viv is her best friend.
  5. Mia:
    • Malcolm’s best friend.
    • Helps Ellery and Malcolm in their investigation.

These characters play crucial roles in unraveling the secrets of Echo Ridge. If you’d like more information or have other questions, feel free to ask!


  • The novel begins with the twins discovering the body of Mr. Bowman, a high school teacher killed in an apparent hit-and-run accident.
  • Ellery meets Malcolm at a charity event honoring the murdered homecoming queen, Lacey.
  • Suspicious events keep piling up: Declan Kelly (Malcolm’s brother) returns home, as does Mia’s sister Daisy (another friend of Lacey’s).
  • Threats are found around town, and local media reports on the unfolding mysteries.


Certainly! “Two Can Keep a Secret” by Karen M. McManus is set in the small town of Echo Ridge. Here are some details about the setting:

  • Echo Ridge:
    • Echo Ridge is a picturesque yet eerie small town in Virginia.
    • It is located about an hour outside of Burlington.
    • The town is characterized by its close-knit community, where all the residents know one another.
    • Ellery describes Echo Ridge as “by far the prettiest place I’ve ever lived.”
    • However, beneath its idyllic facade, Echo Ridge hides dark secrets related to unsolved disappearances and unresolved crimes.


The theme of “Two Can Keep a Secret” revolves around secrets, mysteries, and the dark history of the small-town community of Echo Ridge. Here are some key themes:

  1. Secrets and Lies:
    • The town is filled with hidden secrets, including unsolved disappearances and unresolved crimes.
    • Characters harbor personal secrets that impact their lives and relationships.
  2. Small-Town Paranoia:
    • Echo Ridge is a close-knit community where everyone knows everyone else’s business.
    • The fear of being watched and the pressure to conform create tension.
  3. Family Ties and Legacy:
    • Ellery’s family has a mysterious connection to Echo Ridge’s past.
    • The legacy of past events affects the present, and characters grapple with their family histories.
  4. Murder and Mystery:
    • The murder of the homecoming queen, Lacey, sets the stage for the novel.
    • Characters investigate the crime, uncovering layers of deception and intrigue.

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Certainly! In the conclusion of “Two Can Keep a Secret”, Ellery and Malcolm go on a date to a clown museum. Ellery reflects that she wants to keep the secret Peter whispered in her ear to herself for the rest of her life1. The novel leaves readers with a sense of mystery and lingering questions about the town’s dark past and the characters’ intertwined fates. 

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