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The Wonder Brothers by Frank Cottrell Boyce and illustrated by Steven Lenton is a story about Cousins, Middy and Nathan who both has infinite love for magic. The on-stage, cape-swirling, bunny-out-of-a-hat kind. It all comes down to persistence and practice for Middy. She uses her magic abilities to get out of difficult situations. Nathan is a complete show-off and danger magnet; he is lured to the buzz, the show, and the crowd. As a result, when the iconic Blackpool Tower mysteriously disappears on the night of the Grand Lights Switch-On, showman Nathan declares on live television that they will somehow magically return home. They wind themselves lost in Las Vegas, the home of the great master of illusion, Perplexion, the “Legend of Magic,” with the help of a piece of rock, a spangly cape, and some clever misdirection. The entertaining Nathan and Middy will keep you wondering right up to the very end with their pranks, twists, and deceptions.

The Wonder Brothers
The Wonder Brothers Backcover

About the Author of The Wonder Brothers by Frank Cottrell Boyce

The Author of the wonder brothers Frank Cottrell Boyce
Frank Cottrell Boyce

British screenwriter, novelist, and sporadic actor Frank Cottrell Boyce. In addition to writing original scripts, Cottrell Boyce has also adapted books for the screen and written children’s fiction. For his debut novel Millions, which was based on his own screenplay for the movie of the same name, Boyce won the 2004 Carnegie Medal. His book Framed was a finalist for both the Carnegie Medal and the Whitbread Book of the Year awards.
He turned the book into a screenplay for a BBC television movie that debuted in 2009. Additionally, his 2009 book Cosmic made the Carnegie Medal shortlist. He is a married man who has raised seven kids.

Steven Lenton
Illustrator Steven Lenton

Steven Lenton worked in the pom-pom factory run by his family over numerous school breaks. He earned a BA and an MA in animation after this relatively flimsy start to his profession, and he is now a successful animator and art director in children’s television. He’s a British citizen.

The Wonder Brothers Children Book Reviews

“The children narrate enthusiastically, engaging the reader with their first-hand accounts of their ridiculously coincidental escapades. It’s beautifully silly and I couldn’t get enough of it. And I loved the magic references, to quoted magicians, to how tricks are performed, it was a perfect book for readers of 8 to 12. I might even read it to my 6-year-old.”- J Kelly (From Amazon)

“I found The Wonder Brothers to be wise, witty and wonderful. It has a magical quality and I loved it. In fact, there’s only one way to describe The Wonder Brothers and that’s – Ta-dah!” – Linda (Amazon)

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The Wonder Brothers children’s book is one of a kind. It embodies the fantasy and the awe a child need to image and play to make-believe in this magical prose work. Let us know if you have read this book for your kids.

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