The Wheel of Time (S2) Series Review

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The wheel of time

The Wheel of Time season 2 is the second installment of Prime Video’s adaptation of Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson’s epic fantasy book series. The season follows the main characters as they deal with the aftermath of the first season’s finale, where Rand al’Thor discovered he is the Dragon Reborn, a powerful figure destined to either save or break the world. The season also introduces new characters, locations, and threats, as well as exploring the history and politics of the world.

The season has received mostly positive reviews from critics, who praised the performances, production design, and action sequences. Some of the common themes in the reviews are:

  • The season is more assured, epic, and thrilling than the first one, and finds its footing right from the start.
  • The season deviates significantly from the source material, which may alienate some fans of the books, but also allows for more creative storytelling and surprises.
  • The season focuses more on the individual storylines of the younger cast, who shine in their roles and face new challenges and dangers.
  • The season also explores the darker aspects of the world and the characters, as well as their inner conflicts and doubts.
  • The season still suffers from some pacing issues, uneven tone, and lack of character development for some of the supporting roles.

Based on these reviews, I would give The Wheel of Time season 2 a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. It is a solid continuation of the fantasy series that delivers on its promise of epicness and emotion. It may not be perfect, but it is certainly worth watching for fans of the genre.


The Wheel of Time


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