The Unclaimed Human Luna

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The Unclaimed Human Luna

The Unclaimed Human Luna is a werewolf romance novel by Jennifer Francis about Eva, a young woman who discovers that she is the Luna of a werewolf pack. However, the pack Alpha rejects her because she is human.

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Eva is heartbroken, but she is also determined to find her place in the world. She leaves the pack and sets out on a journey to find a new home. Along the way, she meets a group of rogue werewolves who are led by a handsome and mysterious Alpha named Logan.

Logan is drawn to Eva, and he offers her a place in his pack. Eva is hesitant at first, but she eventually agrees to join Logan’s pack. She soon learns that Logan is not only a powerful Alpha, but he is also a kind and compassionate man.

As Eva spends more time with Logan, she begins to develop feelings for him. However, she is afraid to confess her feelings because she doesn’t want to get hurt again.

Logan also has feelings for Eva, but he is hesitant to pursue a relationship with her because she is human. He knows that their relationship will be difficult, but he is willing to risk it for Eva.

Eventually, Eva and Logan confess their feelings for each other, and they begin a relationship. However, their relationship is threatened by a group of rogue werewolves who are led by a powerful Alpha named Damien.

Damien is determined to take over Logan’s pack, and he is willing to do whatever it takes to get Eva. He kidnaps Eva and threatens to kill her if Logan doesn’t give up his pack.

Logan must risk everything to save Eva, and he must also defeat Damien in order to protect his pack. In the end, Logan and Eva overcome all of their challenges and find true love. They also unite the werewolf packs and create a new world where humans and werewolves can live together in peace.


The Unclaimed Human Luna is a story about love, courage, and sacrifice. It is a reminder that love can conquer all and that we should never give up on the people we love.

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