The Primal Hunter Novel Review

the primal hunter

The Primal Hunter, penned by Zogarth, delves into the captivating realm of Apocalypse LitRPG, seamlessly weaving post-apocalyptic survival, RPG elements, and fantasy progression. At its core, the narrative revolves around Jake, a disenchanted office worker thrust into a new reality where strength reigns supreme, pitting humans against other races and monstrous adversaries for survival and coveted resources. Jake’s revelation of possessing the unique Primal Hunter class unveils his innate ability to harness primal instincts and forge alliances with animal companions, forging a path of growth and empowerment. Yet, lurking beneath this new world’s surface lies a sprawling multiverse, rife with hidden enigmas and lurking dangers.

Comprising a seven-book saga, each installment chronicles Jake’s adventures in distinct settings and trials. The initial volume introduces Jake to this unfamiliar world and its tutorial, a series of challenges pitting him against both fellow humans and formidable creatures. Subsequent books detail his journey through the first system event, his return to a transformed Earth, and his ascent to the prestigious D-grade tier, offering deeper insights into the system and multiverse. The narrative unfolds further as Jake collaborates with diverse races and factions in the second system event and explores entirely new realms in the sixth book. Anticipation surrounds the release of the seventh installment, slated for 2023.

The acclaim garnered by The Primal Hunter series is unmistakable, with resounding praise reflected in its remarkable ratings and reviews on platforms like Goodreads¹³ and Royal Road². Its appeal is rooted in an enthralling plot, well-drawn characters, imaginative world-building, and the gratifying progression of its narrative. An Audible adaptation narrated by Travis Baldree adds another dimension to the series’ availability. It’s important to note that the series is exclusively found on Royal Road, Patreon, and official Amazon releases by the author; any other sources are pirated and illegal. Given its content, The Primal Hunter is tailored for mature readers with an appetite for action, adventure, fantasy, and science fiction. However, potential readers should be cautious, as the series also contains explicit content such as gore, profanity, sexual themes, and traumatizing elements

About The Author

Zogarth is the author of The Primal Hunter series, which is a popular and well-received work of fiction in the genre of Apocalypse LitRPG. He started publishing his series in 2022, and has since released six books, with the seventh book expected to be published in 20231. Zogarth is a pen name that he uses on various platforms such as Goodreads12, Royal Road, Patreon, and Amazon. His real name is not publicly known, as far as I can tell. He used to work in the corporate world, but he quit his job to become a full-time author after gaining a lot of popularity and support from his fans and readers. He is also active on Discord and Reddit, where he interacts with his community and shares updates on his writing progress.

Zogarth writes engaging stories that combine elements of post-apocalyptic survival, role-playing games, and progression fantasy. His main protagonist is Jake, a bored office worker who finds himself in a new world where power is everything and humans have to compete with other races and monsters for survival and resources. Jake discovers that he has a unique class called Primal Hunter, which allows him to use his primal instincts and animal companions to hunt down his enemies and grow stronger.

He also learns that the world is part of a vast multiverse, and that there are hidden secrets and dangers lurking in the shadows. Zogarth’s series is praised for its realistic characters, creative world-building, and satisfying progression. However, his series also contains some content warnings such as gore, profanity, sexual content, and traumatising content, so readers who are sensitive to these topics should exercise caution before reading.


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