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“The Broken Wolf,” authored by Sarah Skuld, introduces readers to Molly, a young woman who found herself under the care of a wolf pack’s Alpha in her early years. Despite her upbringing, Molly possesses a unique trait – a ‘broken wolf,’ preventing her from assuming her animal form and fostering a sense of alienation within her. Fate intervenes when she crosses paths with the Prince of another pack, her destined mate, who embarks on a journey to help her unearth her true identity and unlock the mysteries of her past. This enchanting novel seamlessly blends elements of romance, mystery, suspense, and fantasy, promising an engrossing narrative that caters to a diverse range of readers.

“The Broken Wolf” emerges as a compelling literary work sure to captivate enthusiasts of shifter romance, fantasy, and mystery genres alike. With its intricate plot and gripping storytelling, this book promises an enthralling reading experience that will keep you eagerly turning the pages, eagerly anticipating the revelations that await until the final chapter.


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Sarah Skuld is an author who writes stories about wolves, mates, and romance. She has published two books on Dreame, a platform for online reading and writing. Her books are The Broken Wolf and Bonded. Bonded is another story about a girl who has to choose between her Alpha and her true mate. Sarah Skuld has a Facebook page where she posts updates about her upcoming stories. She also invites readers to follow her on Dreame and leave comments and likes on her books. She seems to be passionate about writing and creating engaging stories for her audience


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