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Stay With Me: This celebrated and indelible debut novel, a finalist for the prestigious Women’s Prize for Fiction and set against the vibrant backdrop of Nigeria, intricately weaves the voices of both husband and wife into a poignant narrative that chronicles their marriage’s complexities and the formidable adversities that threaten to fracture their bond.

Yejide and Akin’s intertwined journey commenced during their university years, an era colored by blossoming love and culminating in a sacred marital union. In a society where polygamy is anticipated, the couple resolutely opts for a different path. United in their conviction, they shun the expectation of multiple wives. However, as the years of their marriage tick by, marked by consultations with fertility specialists and embarking on unorthodox remedies, Yejide remains childless. Her optimism endures, but it wanes when her family unexpectedly descends, presenting a youthful woman as Akin’s second wife. The revelation triggers a maelstrom of emotions within Yejide—rage, disbelief, and the sting of jealousy.

Faced with a burgeoning turmoil that threatens to unravel their union, Yejide recognizes that salvaging her marriage pivots on conceiving a child. Eventually, her dream materializes, but the toll it extracts exceeds even her most haunting apprehensions. A tour de force of emotional resonance, Stay With Me prompts profound introspection about the sacrifices we’re willing to make in honor of our familial ties. In its exploration of love, desire, and the unanticipated consequences of our choices, this electrifying novel resonates deeply, echoing the multifaceted essence of human relationships.

About The Author

ayobami adebayo

Ayọ̀bámi Adébáyọ̀ (born 29 January 1988) is a Nigerian writer.[2] Her 2017 debut novel, Stay With Me, won the 9mobile Prize for Literature and the Prix Les Afriques.[3] She was awarded The Future Awards Africa Prize for Arts and Culture in 2017.[4]

Ayọ̀bámi Adébáyọ̀ was born in Lagos, Nigeria, in 1988; shortly after, her family moved to Ilesa and then to Ile-Ife, where she spent most of her childhood in the University Staff Quarters of Obafemi Awolowo University.[5]


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