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Shadow Slave is a web novel by Guiltythree, a webnovel author1. It is a dark fantasy adventure that follows the story of Sunny, a poor boy who becomes one of the Awakened – people with supernatural powers – after being chosen by the Nightmare Spell. He is transported to a ruined magical world, where he has to face terrifying monsters and other Awakened in a fight for survival. However, his divine power comes with a deadly side effect: he becomes a shadow slave, a being that can only exist in the shadows and must obey the commands of his master.

The novel has 1122 chapters translated so far, and it is updated regularly on Webnovel1. It is also published on Light Novel World2, where it has received 488 reviews from readers, with an average score of 4.8 out of 52. The novel is praised for its original plot, vivid characters, and intense action scenes. Some readers also enjoy the psychological aspects of the novel, such as the moral dilemmas and the emotional struggles of the protagonist. However, some readers may find the novel too dark, violent, or depressing for their taste. The novel also contains some mature themes and scenes that may not be suitable for younger or sensitive readers.

Overall, Shadow Slave is a novel that offers a thrilling and immersive experience for fans of dark fantasy and adventure genres. It is a novel that explores the themes of power, freedom, loyalty, and love in a harsh and cruel world.

About The Author

Guiltythree is a webnovel author who writes dark fantasy and adventure stories. He is the creator of Shadow Slave, a popular web novel that has over 1000 chapters and 4.8 stars on Light Novel World1He is also the author of Free Fall, a completed web novel that is also available on Webnovel2.

Guiltythree started writing Shadow Slave in 2022, after quitting his job and pursuing his passion for writing. He updates his novel regularly on Webnovel2, where he has a loyal fan base and interacts with his readers. He also has a Discord channel3 where he shares his thoughts and insights about his novel and writing process. He is active on Reddit4, where he occasionally posts updates and participates in discussions with other webnovel enthusiasts.

Guiltythree is a fan of Stephen King, and he draws inspiration from his works. He likes to explore the themes of power, freedom, loyalty, and love in his novels. He also enjoys creating vivid characters, original plots, and intense action scenes. He is known for his dark and gritty style of writing, as well as his psychological and moral dilemmas that he presents to his readers.

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