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Preying on time: In the eerie town of PI Violet Eonsen, strange events unfold. Two moons hang in the sky, dirty cops roam the streets, and energy blackouts disrupt daily life. But the most chilling detail? A bloodied body torn apart by werewolves has surfaced. And this isn’t just any victim—it’s a century-old mute who vanished without a trace. Now, freshly eaten, he reappears, setting off a chain of events that could alter time itself.

The Plot

Violet Eonsen, a private investigator, stumbles upon this gruesome scene. She’s no stranger to the supernatural, but this case is different. DNA confirms the mute’s century-old disappearance, yet here he is, a victim of werewolf brutality. As tensions rise due to werewolf rights marches, Violet faces a dilemma: get involved or stay out of it. But fate intervenes when she receives a phone call about another 21st-century mute named Simon, who materializes out of thin air.

Simon’s Arrival

Simon isn’t alone. Werewolves, with a taste for flesh, trail him. Violet’s instincts kick in—she can’t ignore this puzzle. She enlists Simon and her friends to unravel the mystery. Together, they delve into a web of secrets, where time fractures, the past reshapes, and their very existence hangs in the balance.


Rebecca Clare Smith’s debut novel offers a gripping journey through a world where time bends, and danger lurks in every shadow. If you crave suspense, supernatural intrigue, and unexpected twists, “Preying On Time” is a must-read.

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Preying On Time (Indigo Skies, #1) by Rebecca Clare Smith | Goodreads

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