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Catherine Steadman, known for her domestic suspense novels, takes a thrilling turn with “Look in the Mirror.” This chilling story unfolds across the idyllic backdrop of the British Virgin Islands, where two seemingly unconnected women find themselves entangled in a web of mystery and secrets.

Nina, grieving the recent loss of her father, receives a shocking inheritance: a luxurious vacation home in the Caribbean. What initially appears as a chance to escape her grief takes a sinister turn when Nina discovers the house is fully furnished and holds strange clues suggesting someone else might have been living there. As she delves deeper, unsettling truths about her father’s life begin to surface.

Maria, a former medical student turned high-end nanny, takes on a new job caring for children in a secluded island villa. However, upon arrival, she finds the house empty with an unusual instruction: strictly avoid the basement. Curiosity, however, proves irresistible, and Maria’s decision to explore the forbidden area sets off a chain of events that threaten her safety.

Steadman masterfully weaves the narratives of Nina and Maria, slowly revealing the connections that bind them. As the story progresses, the lines between past and present blur, and the idyllic island setting takes on a menacing aura.

Look in the Mirror is a perfect choice for readers who enjoy a good mystery with a dash of suspense. The island setting adds an exotic touch, while the dual narratives keep the story intriguing. If you’re looking for a fast-paced read with a shocking twist, then this book might be for you. However, if you prefer a more character-driven story with a clear resolution, you might want to consider another of Steadman’s novels.

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