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In the gripping sequel to “Wolf Moon,” C.D. Gorri’s “Hunter Moon” plunges readers back into the tumultuous life of Maria Graziana Kelly, a teenager grappling with the duality of her existence as a werewolf. The novel, a cornerstone of the Grazi Kelly series, weaves a tale of ancient pacts, supernatural battles, and a young girl’s quest for truth.

Grazi, as she’s affectionately known, is no ordinary teenager. Her life is a secret entwined with the Hounds of God, a formidable wolf pack serving the Catholic Church. The Hounds are embroiled in an eternal conflict with covens of witches who seek to usher in the Devil’s dominion over Earth. Yes, the Devil, not as a metaphor but as the fallen angel Lucifer, with legions of minions in various guises.

The narrative picks up a few weeks after Grazi discovers her werewolf lineage. She’s still reeling from the revelation and the responsibilities it entails. Her parents, former Hounds, perished in this very battle, leaving behind only memories and a legacy for Grazi to fulfill. Raised by her grandmother, Nonna Rosa, and surrounded by family, she’s the only one privy to the truth of her heritage.

Gorri’s storytelling is vivid, capturing the essence of a young girl thrust into a world brimming with darkness and danger. The novel is a journey of self-discovery, as Grazi learns to harness her newfound abilities while uncovering the mysteries of her parents’ death. It’s a path fraught with peril, where every full moon brings forth her transformation and each night could be her last.

The book has garnered praise for its compelling narrative and relatable protagonist. Readers have lauded the series for its blend of teenage angst and paranormal adventure, with one reviewer describing it as “full of teenage werewolf trials and tribulations” and another commending the “perfect voice of Grazi” that resonates throughout the story.

“Hunter Moon” is not just a tale of werewolves and witches; it’s a story about finding one’s place in a world that seems too vast and too wild to comprehend. It’s about the strength found in family and the courage to face the unknown. With a rating of 4.48 out of 5 on Goodreads, the novel stands as a testament to Gorri’s ability to craft a universe where fantasy and reality collide in the most enchanting ways.

As the second installment in the Grazi Kelly series, “Hunter Moon” sets the stage for a saga of epic proportions, promising readers a journey filled with magic, mystery, and the unyielding spirit of a girl who’s more than what she seems. For those seeking a blend of youthful exuberance and supernatural intrigue, “Hunter Moon” is a must-read that delivers on all fronts.

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