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Fated To My Uncle

“Fated to My Uncle” tells the story of Yulia, who moves in with her step-uncle Issa Frost wood after her mother’s death. Despite their forbidden attraction, they must confront the dangers surrounding them, including Iran, a powerful figure seeking to destroy them.

Fated To My Uncle
Fated To My Uncle

Main Characters

  • Yulia: The female protagonist. she is a stubborn and rebellious wolf who is forced to move in with her step-uncle, Lycan Issa Frostwood, after her mother’s death. Her motivations include adjusting to her new life and navigating her forbidden feelings for Issa.
  • Issa Frostwood: The male protagonist, Yulia’s step-uncle and a powerful Lycan. His motivations include protecting his pack and dealing with his own demons, including his feelings for Yulia.
  • Iran: A powerful figure who seeks to destroy Yulia and Issa, and is a major antagonist in the story.


The main conflict of the story revolves around Yulia’s forced contract marriage to Issa, which is complicated by their forbidden attraction and the danger posed by Iran. As they navigate their feelings for each other, they must also confront the secrets and lies that haunt their past and the threats that surround them.


  • Time: The story takes place in the present day, with no specific time period mentioned.
  • Location: The story primarily takes place in a world of werewolf packs, governed by the Alpha and Luna. The setting influences the characters and events by creating a sense of hierarchy and power dynamics within the packs.


  • Forbidden Love: The novel explores the theme of forbidden love between Yulia and Issa, highlighting the challenges and consequences of their relationship.
  • Power Dynamics: The story delves into the power struggles between the different werewolf packs and the characters within them, emphasizing the importance of respect and control.
  • Secrets and Lies: The novel touches on the consequences of keeping secrets and telling lies.

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“Mated to My Uncle” is a captivating werewolf romance novel that explores the complexities of forbidden love, power dynamics, and the consequences of secrets and lies. The central characters, particularly Yulia and Issa, drive the plot forward with their intricate relationships and conflicting motivations.

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