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Set against the backdrop of Nova Scotia during the final year of World War I, Howard Norman’s “Come to the Window” is a poignant tale of love, murder, and redemption. The novel begins dramatically with Elizabeth Frame murdering her husband shortly after their wedding and concealing the weapon in a beached whale’s blowhole. This shocking act propels a series of events that entangle the lives of several characters in profound and unexpected ways.

Crime reporter Toby Havenshaw is assigned to cover the subsequent hearing, and his detailed diary entries guide readers through the complex narrative. Toby’s observations not only chronicle Elizabeth’s flight from the law, accompanied by a smitten court stenographer but also offer a heartfelt glimpse into his own marriage to Amelia, a surgeon who has just returned from the front lines in Europe. Their personal struggles with grief and hope mirror the broader themes of the novel, highlighting the pervasive impact of war and loss.

The birth of Elizabeth’s child while she is on the run adds another layer of complexity, drawing Amelia into the unfolding drama in a way that profoundly changes her life. Through these interconnected stories, Norman delves into the universal question of how one finds hope amidst confusion and despair.

“Come to the Window” is praised for its rich historical detail and deep emotional resonance. Norman’s ability to blend a suspenseful plot with intimate character studies makes this novel a compelling read. The setting of a small fishing village under the shadow of global turmoil provides a unique backdrop that enhances the narrative’s emotional weight.

For readers interested in historical fiction that explores deep emotional and moral questions, “Come to the Window” offers a richly rewarding experience. Howard Norman’s narrative craft and the novel’s poignant themes ensure that it will linger in the reader’s mind long after the final page is turned.

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