Not in Love by Ali Hazelwood

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Embark on a journey of forbidden romance and corporate intrigue with Ali Hazelwood’s “Not in Love,” where passion and ambition collide in the high-stakes world of biotech engineering. This tantalizing tale explores the complexities of love, loyalty, and the pursuit of success, making it an irresistible read for fans of contemporary romance.

Main Characters:

  • Rue Siebert: A dedicated biotech engineer at Kline, a promising food science start-up. Motivated by her hard-fought stability and financial independence, Rue’s world is upended when she encounters Eli.
  • Eli: An employee at a private equity firm set on taking over Kline. His motivations are torn between professional duty and personal desire, leading him into a tumultuous affair with Rue.
Not in Love by Ali Hazelwood
Not in Love by Ali Hazelwood


The central conflict revolves around Rue’s struggle to maintain her loyalty to Kline while grappling with her undeniable attraction to Eli. As their secret, no-strings-attached affair intensifies, both Rue and Eli must navigate the treacherous waters of corporate politics and personal emotions. The story unfolds with escalating tension as the day approaches when one of their companies will prevail, forcing them to confront the reality of their relationship.


 “Not in Love” is set against the backdrop of the competitive biotech industry, where innovation meets cutthroat business tactics. The bustling cityscape and high-pressure corporate environment shape the characters’ decisions and heighten the stakes of their clandestine romance.


The novel delves into themes of loyalty versus desire, the intersection of personal and professional lives, and the risks we take for love. It challenges readers to consider the sacrifices made in pursuit of success and the unpredictable nature of the heart.

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In “Not in Love,” Ali Hazelwood crafts a captivating narrative that deftly balances steamy romance with thought-provoking dilemmas. The novel leaves readers pondering the true cost of ambition and the power of love to transcend even the most formidable barriers.

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