Moonflight By Gill Lewis

Moonflight by Gill Lewis is a children’s fantasy novel about a young rat named Tilbury who embarks on a perilous quest to return a stolen diamond to its rightful owners. Along the way, he faces many dangers and discovers the truth about his own destiny and the history of his kind.

The book is full of adventure, humour, and heart, as Tilbury learns to overcome his fears and find his courage. The book also explores themes such as friendship, loyalty, identity, and the power of stories. Moonflight is a captivating and imaginative story that will appeal to fans of animal fantasy and classic tales of heroism.

About the Author of Moonflight, Gill Lewis

Since she can remember, Gill Lewis has had a deep love for all creatures. Her life has been filled with intriguing animal adventures, from creating a makeshift insect hospital in her garden as a young child to working as a veterinarian in the wilds of Africa. She currently resides in Somerset with her family, their pets, including dogs, hens, and a Shetland pony that was saved. In her treehouse, surrounded by squirrels and biscuit trays, she creates stories. Numerous prizes have been given to and shortlisted for her novels. She also self-illustrated her first book, A Street Dog Named Pup.

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