Mirroring Jester: Sanguinary

Mirroring Jester: Sanguinary is possess a psychological condition known as Dissociative Identity Disorder, which manifests through three distinct personalities within me:

  1. Goofy: This persona, as the name implies, exudes a gentle and clumsy disposition, radiating kindness in every action.
  2. Logical: The second personality, epitomizing rationality and reason, operates solely on logical thinking, making decisions based on meticulous analysis.
  3. Monster: The third personality remains shrouded in mystery, an enigmatic aspect of my condition that I have yet to fully comprehend.

In addition to my mental condition, I also possess an extraordinary gift: a Photographic Memory. I can recall and flawlessly replicate any movement or action I witness, granting me unparalleled adaptability in a world where physical prowess often defies natural limits. In this realm where guns and firearms have become relics of the past, I find myself perfectly suited to thrive.

In a world dominated by clandestine underworld organizations, where brute strength often defies the laws of biology, I can’t help but feel that destiny has orchestrated my existence for a grand purpose. It’s as if fate has chosen to favor my well-being, paving the path for me to ascend to prominence in this tumultuous realm.

This world seems tailor-made for someone like me, with my unique blend of mental prowess and physical adaptability. It’s almost as though fate itself beckons me to seize control, to rise above all others, and to become the ultimate authority in this intricate and treacherous domain. My journey has just begun, and I am determined to heed fate’s call, striving to become the best and reshape this world in my image.

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