Luna’s Revenge: Kill My Alpha Husband

Luna’s Revenge: Kill My Alpha Husband

When Luna Queen Alisha Stone catches her fated mate, Alpha Lucien Ragnarok, cheating on her on the eve of her birthday, she rejects him and severs their mate bond, determined to reclaim her independence and protect her heart from further pain. However, Alisha’s rejection is not enough, and longing for vengeance, she yearns for Lucien’s blood to quench her burning rage. The novel follows Alisha’s journey as she navigates her decision, explores her feelings, and seeks to either get her revenge successfully or find the love she truly deserves if Lucien decides to change

Luna's Revenge: Kill My Alpha Husband
Luna’s Revenge: Kill My Alpha Husband

 Let’s dive into the captivating world of “Luna’s Revenge: Kill My Alpha Husband.”

Main Characters

  1. Elora Whitlock: Elora’s life takes an unexpected twist when the two people she loved most—her family—betray her in the most dreaded way possible. Treated unfairly and killed, she is given a second chance at life and transported two years back in time to when it all happened.
  2. Luna Sky (Kira): Luna discovers her husband, Colt, and best friend, Tiva, have cheated on her. When they confess they already have a child, Luna is devastated. She was denounced and banned from her pack. Now, as Kira, she seeks revenge on the two who humiliated her, even though her lingering feelings for Colt complicate matters.


The central conflict revolves around betrayal and revenge. Elora and Luna both experience heart-wrenching betrayals by those closest to them. Elora’s journey involves unraveling the truth behind her betrayal, while Luna’s path leads her to seek vengeance against Colt and Tiva. As the story unfolds, secrets are revealed, and the characters grapple with their emotions and desires.


The novel takes place in a werewolf-infested world, where packs and alliances hold great power. The setting influences the characters’ actions, decisions, and relationships. The moonlit forests, pack territories, and ancient rituals create an atmospheric backdrop for the unfolding drama.


  1. Betrayal and Redemption: Both Elora and Luna experience profound betrayal, but their paths diverge. Elora seeks redemption and justice, while Luna grapples with revenge and forgiveness.
  2. Love and Loyalty: The novel explores the complexities of love and loyalty within families, friendships, and romantic relationships. Can love survive betrayal, or does it transform into something darker?
  3. Power Struggles: Pack dynamics, hierarchy, and power struggles play a significant role. Characters vie for dominance, control, and survival, adding tension to the narrative.

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In a world where trust is shattered, Elora and Luna navigate their newfound strength and resilience. As they confront their pasts, the lines between vengeance and forgiveness blur. “Luna’s Revenge: Kill My Alpha Husband” weaves a tale of passion, secrets, and transformation—a howling journey that leaves readers craving more. 

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