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Love Me or I Die

Love Me or I Die is a novel by Dreame about a young woman named Anna who is cursed with an ancient spell. The spell states that Anna must find a man to love her truly, or she will die.

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Anna has been searching for love for centuries, but she has never been able to find a man who truly loves her. She has been betrayed and hurt many times, and she has lost hope of ever finding true love.

One day, Anna meets a man named Ethan. Ethan is kind, compassionate, and understanding. He is everything that Anna has ever wanted in a man.

Anna and Ethan fall in love quickly, but their relationship is threatened by the ancient spell. Anna knows that if Ethan does not truly love her, she will die.

Ethan is determined to prove his love for Anna. He goes to great lengths to show her how much he cares. However, Anna is still afraid of being hurt again. She is hesitant to trust Ethan completely.

Anna and Ethan must face many challenges together. They must also learn to trust and love each other. In the end, Anna discovers the true meaning of love, and she realizes that she has always been worthy of love.


Love Me or I Die is a story about love, second chances, and redemption. It is a heartwarming and romantic novel that will keep you reading until the very end.

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