Lady Dhampir

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Lady Dhampir

Lady Dhampir is a paranormal romance novel by Jenny Fox. It is a story about a half-vampire, half-human woman named Milena who must choose between two men: the human prince she has loved all her life and a ruthless vampire who desires her.

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Milena is a dhampir, a half-vampire, half-human creature. She is the only one of her kind, and she is the rightful heir to the throne of the vampire dukedom of Crescent.

Milena was raised by her human mother, and she has always dreamed of living a normal life with the human prince, William, whom she has loved since childhood.

However, when Milena’s father, the vampire Duke of Crescent, dies, she is forced to return to the vampire world to claim her inheritance.

Milena is immediately drawn to her new stepfather, the vampire Prince Radu. Radu is ruthless and dangerous, but he is also incredibly handsome and charming.

Milena must choose between William, the human prince she has loved all her life, and Radu, the vampire prince who desires her. She must also deal with the dangers of the vampire world and the threats to her life.

In the end, Milena chooses to follow her own heart. She realizes that she cannot live without Radu, even if it means giving up her dreams of a normal life.


Lady Dhampir is a story about love, sacrifice, and redemption. It is a heartwarming and exciting read for fans of paranormal romance.

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