His Redemption

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Azalea’s only desire was to escape the confines of the packhouse, yet fate took an unexpected turn when the Alpha’s son discovered she was his destined mate, hastening the realization of her wish. His Redemption.

Time passed, and Azalea endeavored to embrace a tranquil, ordinary life. However, tranquility shattered as Liam abruptly reentered her world, injecting both peril and a hint of fervor into her solitary existence.

Upon learning Azalea’s true identity as his mate, Liam felt compelled to distance himself, convinced that rejecting her was the key to her salvation. Despite years passing, he continued tirelessly rectifying the misdeeds of those around him. Upon rediscovering Azalea, a perplexing question gripped him: Why did the undeniable mate bond persist?

Embark on the journey through “His Series” — a trilogy unveiling the intricate dynamics between Azalea and Liam. “His Redemption” delves into the quest for salvation, exploring the complexities of love and destiny. In “His Retribution,” Liam grapples with the consequences of past actions, unraveling a tapestry of revenge and redemption. Finally, in “His Retaliation,” the climax unfolds as choices made in the name of love come full circle.

Immerse yourself in a world where passion and danger intertwine, and where the enduring bond between Azalea and Liam defies the passage of time. The saga is one of redemption, retribution, and retaliation, leaving readers captivated by the enigmatic dance between two souls bound by destiny.


Azalea just wanted to make it out of the packhouse, but when the Alpha’s son finds out she is his mate her wish comes true sooner than she expected. Years later, Azalea is trying to live a quiet normal life when Liam comes crashing back into her life, bringing danger and maybe a little passion into her lonely existence.

When Liam finds out who his mate is, he knew he needed to reject her to save her. Years later, he still works to right the wrongs done by everyone around him when he finds Azalea again. What he needs to figure out: why can he still feel the mate bond between them? Complete His Series His Redemption, His Retribution, His Retaliation

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