Everyone Here Is Lying PDF Summary

Everyone Here Is Lying Summary

This is a thriller novel of a neighborhood full with lies and secrets. It starts with two neighbors having an affair, William and Nora, found dead in a motel room. The investigators, the police thinks its a murder-suicide, but those living in Connaught street have their doubts and suspicions. Secrets of different residents began to unfold as the investigation of the murder suicide case continues, and no one could be trusted anymore. This novel keeps a reader guessing and guessing till the very end. Who will later turn out to be innocent in the neighborhood? Who started the killing and why?

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The Book Everyone Here Is Lying

  • Format: 325 pages, hardcover.
  • Published: July 25, 2023.
  • Publisher: Bantam
  • ISBN: 9781787635647 (ISBN10: 1787635643)
  • Language: English

About The Author of Everyone Here Is Lying

Shari Lapena was born in Canada, 1960. She worked as an English teacher and lawyer, before venturing into writing. Her first book Things Go Flying was published in 2008, followed by Happiness Economics published in 2011. However, in 2016, she published a book The Couple Next Door, which made her became famous as it turned out to be the huge bestseller around the world. Her books are known for unexpected twists, psychological insights and fast-faced plots. She is presently in Toronto, living with her family.

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As the investigation goes go, the other neighbors of Connaught Street were shocked by the truth and realized that they all had secrets that could have destroyed their lives. They decided to be more honest and supportive of each other, and hoped to heal from the tragedy. The book ends with a final twist: Tom reveals that he is not Nora’s husband, but her brother, and that they had been running away from their abusive father for years. He says that he loved Nora more than anything, and vows to find justice for her death.

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