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(Everyone Here is lying) William Wooler may seem like a devoted family man at first glance. However, beneath the facade lies a secret – he has been engaged in an extramarital affair. This affair took a tragic turn earlier today at a local motel. Overwhelmed with devastation and anger upon his return home, William encounters his challenging nine-year-old daughter, Avery, unexpectedly present due to not being at school. In the heat of the moment, his emotions get the best of him.

As the hours pass, Avery is reported missing by her family, The once-secure atmosphere of Stanhope undergoes a sudden shift. It becomes evident that William’s household is not the sole keeper of hidden truths on their street. As various individuals step forward as witnesses, sharing potentially reliable or dubious information, the neighbors of Avery grow increasingly agitated and disturbed.

The question looms: Who is responsible for the disappearance of Avery Wooler? The revelation that awaits is guaranteed to be a jarring and unanticipated revelation that will catch you off guard. (Everyone Here Is Lying)

About The Author

Shari Lapena (born 1960) is a Canadian novelist.[1] She is best known for her 2016 thriller novel The Couple Next Door, which was a bestseller both in Canada and internationally.[2]

Lapena, a lawyer and English teacher before beginning her writing career,[3] published her debut novel Things Go Flying in 2008. That novel was a shortlisted Sunburst Award finalist in 2009.[4] Her second novel, Happiness Economics, was a shortlisted Stephen Leacock Award finalist in 2012.[5]

Her fourth novel, A Stranger in the House, was published in 2017


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