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Earth’s Greatest Magus is a web novel by Avan, which tells the story of Emery, a young boy who was transported to a magical academy in another universe after his death. There, he discovered that he had a rare quadruple affinity for water, earth, plant, and darkness magic. He also made friends with four other students from Earth, and together they embarked on a journey of adventure, romance, revenge, and history.

The novel is a mix of fantasy, science fiction, and historical fiction, with elements of system, cultivation, werewolf, and transmigration genres. The author claims to have done deep research on science and history throughout the novel, and incorporates real-world myths and legends into the story. The novel has been trending on Webnovel for three years, and has received mostly positive ratings from readers.

Some of the strengths of the novel are:

  • The world-building is rich and detailed, with various planets, races, cultures, and magic systems.
  • The characters are well-developed and have distinct personalities, backgrounds, and motivations.
  • The plot is engaging and unpredictable, with twists and turns that keep the readers hooked.
  • The writing style is fluent and descriptive, with good grammar and vocabulary.

Some of the weaknesses of the novel are:

  • The pacing is slow and sometimes draggy, especially in the first volume where the MC is still weak and naive.
  • The romance is not very satisfying, as the MC has multiple love interests but does not commit to any of them.
  • The power levels are inconsistent and confusing, as the MC sometimes seems overpowered and sometimes struggles against weaker enemies.
  • The historical accuracy is questionable, as the author changes some facts and events to fit his narrative.

Overall, Earth’s Greatest Magus is a novel that appeals to fans of fantasy and magic, who enjoy a long and epic story with diverse elements. It is not recommended for readers who prefer fast-paced action, realistic history, or clear-cut romance. You can read it on Webnovel by following this link: Earth’s Greatest Magus.

About The Author

The author of Earth’s Greatest Magus is Avan, a male webnovel author who is also a father, entrepreneur, writer, and dreamer. He joined Webnovel in 2017 and has written three original works: Earth’s Greatest Magus, Re: Apocalypse Game, and Blood Elf Monarch. He has a website where he posts pictures, timelines, maps, and other information related to his novels1. He also has an Instagram account and a Discord server where he interacts with his fans1. He is known for his deep research on science and history, his diverse and complex world-building, and his fluent and descriptive writing style. He has received many badges and positive ratings from his readers on Webnovel1. You can read more about him and his works on his Webnovel profile page1.


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