Dragon Lord: Erotic MMO

Astral Online: Second Chance. The year is 2173. Dragon Lord: Erotic MMO. The world’s first full-world virtual MMORPG game, Astral Online, has changed the face of the blue planet Asteria. With its revolutionary Digital Capture System, players can scan themselves into the game with up to 20% beautification, and millions flock to play it. The game’s popularity skyrockets with the introduction of the Real Money Trading (RMT) system, and professional players form guilds and factions to increase their profits.

Two years later, demons and monsters from inside the game invade the real world, decimating over 90% of humanity. Zell is an average player who spends most of his life working overtime to make ends meet. Although he inherited a wonderful house from his parents, most of his wages go to property tax and food bills. He finds solace in collecting beasts in the game and evolving them into humanoids, primarily females.

When the end comes, Zell is powerless and alone, with only his pets and Rika, his cherished Flame Rabbit, as his companions. In a final act of bravery, Zell saves the life of a strange girl with white wings, sacrificing himself. But instead of dying, Zell awakens in an empty white room with a single computer and a game-like screen that allows him to edit his IRL avatar and persona. Zell’s second chance at life comes with a mission: survive. But who gave him this second chance, and for what reason?

As Zell navigates this dark new world, he must confront the harsh realities of survival, facing danger at every turn and making difficult choices to determine his fate. New World. Zell steps out of the white room into a world that is both familiar and alien. The streets are empty, save for the occasional group of scavengers or bandits. The once-bustling cities are now ruins, overgrown with vegetation and littered with debris.

Zell’s first priority is to find food and shelter. He stocks up on canned goods and bottled water, then finds a vacant apartment to use as his base of operations. He quickly learns that he is not alone. There are other survivors, but they are distrustful of each other. Zell soon realizes that he must be careful who he trusts.

Just when he thinks he is about to die, the girl with white wings from his dream appears and heals him. The girl introduces herself as Anya. She tells Zell that she is a guardian angel, sent to protect him. She explains that Zell is the key to defeating the invaders and restoring peace to the world. Second Chance Zell is skeptical at first, but he soon realizes that Anya is telling the truth. With her help, he begins to train and develop his newfound abilities. He also starts to gather allies among the survivors.

Zell and his allies know that they must defeat Ashura if they want to save the world. They set out on a perilous quest to find Ashura’s stronghold and destroy him once and for all. Along the way, Zell faces many challenges. He must learn to trust his new allies, overcome his own self-doubt, and make difficult choices. But he knows that he cannot fail. The fate of the world rests on his shoulders. Final Battle. Zell and his allies finally reach Ashura’s stronghold. They face off against the demon and his army of minions in an epic battle. Zell fights bravely, but he is no match for Ashura’s power.


Just when all seems lost, Anya sacrifices herself to give Zell the strength he needs to defeat Ashura. With Anya’s power, Zell is able to destroy Ashura and his army. With Ashura defeated, the invaders are vanquished and the world is saved. Zell is hailed as a hero, but he knows that he could not have done it without Anya’s help.

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