“Daddy Morebucks” by Normandie Alleman

Daddy Morebucks” introduces Marley, a woman down to her last dollar, who unexpectedly lands a “date” with a mysterious billionaire. Little does she know that James, the enigmatic man, has more in store for her than a simple night out. Their encounter will lead her from the streets to the penthouse, but at what cost? Prepare for a tale of passion, power, and surrender.

 “Daddy Morebucks” by Normandie Alleman
“Daddy Morebucks” by Normandie Alleman

Main Characters:

  1. Marley:
    • A resilient woman facing financial hardship.
    • Motivation: To get back on her feet and start anew.
    • Unexpectedly drawn into James’s world.
  2. James:
    • The elusive billionaire with secrets.
    • Offers Marley a life-changing proposition.
    • Motivation: To explore desire and dominance.


Marley’s encounter with James takes an unexpected turn. Here’s how the plot unfolds:

  1. The Mysterious Date:
    • Marley meets James, expecting a simple transaction.
    • Instead, he presents her with an offer: Live with him.
    • The price? Her submission.
  2. From Streets to Penthouse:
    • Marley hesitates but is intrigued by James’s proposal.
    • She moves into his luxurious penthouse.
    • Their connection deepens, blurring lines between desire and control.
  3. Desire and Dominance:
    • James reveals his dominant side.
    • Marley grapples with newfound feelings and vulnerability.
    • Their passionate encounters ignite forbidden desires.
 “Daddy Morebucks” by Normandie Alleman
“Daddy Morebucks” by Normandie Alleman


  • Time: Contemporary.
  • Place: The contrast between Marley’s humble beginnings on the streets and James’s opulent penthouse.

The setting influences their interactions—Marley’s struggle for survival versus James’s world of privilege.


  1. Power Dynamics: The exploration of dominance and submission.
  2. Wealth and Desire: James’s wealth shapes Marley’s choices.
  3. Emotional Surrender: Marley’s journey from independence to vulnerability.


“Daddy Morebucks” weaves passion, secrets, and transformation. As Marley navigates her new life, she discovers that surrendering to desire can lead to unexpected fulfillment. Brace yourself for a rollercoaster of emotions and sensual tension.

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In summary, “Daddy Morebucks” invites readers to explore the boundaries of love, trust, and submission.

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