Conquer the Ninja World (Books I & II)

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One evening, Jonathan Yuan, a conscientious university student known for his moral compass, experienced an unexpected twist after a night of casual drinking. Conquer the Ninja World (Books I & II). To his bewilderment, he found himself abruptly transported into the fantastical world of Naruto, a realm where extraordinary powers and adventures awaited.

While many might relish the prospect of such an extraordinary journey, envisioning themselves as powerful figures within this new reality, Jonathan’s initial response was far from excitement. Instead, he perceived his new surroundings as a kind of hellish predicament, a disconcerting divergence from the familiar rhythms of his former life.

Jonathan, true to his principled nature, saw the situation as a challenge rather than an opportunity. Determined to return home, he resolved to navigate the unfamiliar landscapes and dynamics of this Naruto-inspired universe. Little did he know that the key to his return might involve embracing a role he never envisioned for himself – that of the antagonist.

As others might be drawn to the allure of heroism or the pursuit of power, Jonathan’s singular focus remained on escaping what he perceived as a nightmarish detour from reality. His journey unfolds as a quest for self-discovery, navigating moral quandaries, and making choices that challenge the very core of his character.

In a world brimming with fantastical possibilities, Jonathan’s odyssey is marked by an unwavering determination to undo the mystical tether that binds him to this alternate reality. Even if it means adopting a role diametrically opposed to his innate sense of righteousness, Jonathan is prepared to tread the path of the villain, defying expectations and questioning the very nature of heroism and villainy in this extraordinary realm.


As he grapples with the challenges of this newfound existence, Jonathan’s story becomes a compelling narrative that transcends the conventional boundaries of hero and villain archetypes. Through the trials and tribulations of his quest, readers are invited to explore themes of identity, morality, and the transformative power of unforeseen circumstances in shaping one’s destiny.

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