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Clytemnestra is a novel by Costanza Casati that reimagines the life of one of the most notorious women in Greek mythology. The novel follows Clytemnestra from her childhood in Sparta, where she learns to fight and love, to her marriage to Agamemnon, the king of Mycenae, who betrays her by sacrificing their daughter Iphigenia for the sake of the Trojan War. Clytemnestra plots her revenge against her husband, aided by his enemy Aegisthus, and becomes the ruler of Mycenae after killing Agamemnon and his concubine Cassandra. The novel explores the themes of power, justice, loyalty, and gender in a patriarchal society that often silences and oppresses women.

The novel is a compelling and captivating read that gives voice and agency to Clytemnestra, who is usually portrayed as a wicked and vengeful woman in classical literature. Casati creates a complex and sympathetic character who suffers from trauma, loss, and betrayal, but also shows courage, resilience, and passion. The novel also depicts the relationships between Clytemnestra and other women in her life, such as her sister Helen, her daughter Electra, and her rival Cassandra. The novel is rich in historical and cultural details that bring the ancient world to life, but also resonates with contemporary issues such as violence against women, political corruption, and religious fanaticism.

The novel is a stunning debut that offers a fresh and feminist perspective on one of the most fascinating figures of Greek mythology. It is a gripping and emotional story that will keep you hooked until the end. I would highly recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys historical fiction, mythology, or strong female protagonists.


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