A Must Read Ebook: “Would You Still Love Me The Same”

Would You Still Love Me The Same

“Would You Still Love Me? The Same” by Ravinder Singh tells the story of Lavanya Gogoi and Rajveer Saini. They meet on a flight from Mumbai to Chandigarh, worlds apart. Lavanya requests a seat change, and their connection sparks. The novel explores this theme through their journey

Would You Still Love Me The
Would You Still Love Me The

 Let’s delve into the key elements of the novel:

Main Characters

  • Lavanya Gogoi: An ample-eyed, beautiful girl who meets Rajveer Saini on a flight from Mumbai to Chandigarh.
  • Rajveer Saini: A cut-Surd Punjabi guy who shares an unexpected connection with Lavanya.


Worlds apart, Lavanya and Rajveer find themselves seated next to each other on the flight. It’s love at first flight—for one of them, at least. As their relationship develops, they face obstacles that test their love and commitment.


The novel primarily unfolds during a flight from Mumbai to Chandigarh. Here are some additional details about the setting:

  1. Airplane Interior:
    • The confined space of the airplane cabin serves as the backdrop for Lavanya and Rajveer’s unexpected connection.
    • The hum of engines, the dimmed lighting, and the proximity of passengers create an intimate atmosphere.
    • The seats, tray tables, and overhead compartments become symbolic of the limitations and possibilities within their relationship.
  2. Geographical Transition:
    • The flight itself represents a transition—from bustling Mumbai to the quieter city of Chandigarh.
    • Mumbai, a vibrant metropolis, contrasts with Chandigarh’s planned layout and serene ambiance.
    • This geographical shift mirrors the emotional journey of the characters as they move from initial curiosity to deeper feelings.
  3. Time and Duration:
    • The duration of the flight—typically a few hours—becomes a crucial time frame for Lavanya and Rajveer.
    • Within this limited span, their lives intersect, and their destinies intertwine.
    • The ticking clock adds urgency to their connection, emphasizing the fleeting nature of chance encounters.
  4. Shared Space and Proximity:
    • The close proximity of airplane seats forces Lavanya and Rajveer to interact.
    • They share armrests, accidental touches, and whispered conversations.
    • The physical closeness amplifies the emotional intensity, making their connection feel both immediate and profound.
  5. In-Flight Details:
    • The novel could explore the in-flight experience—the cabin crew announcements, the turbulence, and the view from the window.
    • Perhaps Lavanya and Rajveer notice the clouds, the changing landscape below, or the distant horizon.
    • These details enhance the setting, grounding the story in the reality of air travel.


  • Love: The central theme revolves around love—its beginnings, challenges, and endurance.
  • Fate and Coincidence: The serendipitous meeting on the flight highlights the role of fate and coincidence in our lives.

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As Lavanya and Rajveer navigate their feelings, readers are left pondering whether love can truly withstand all obstacles. The novel beautifully explores the complexities of relationships and the power of connection

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