Villain of my Own Novel

“Eshwar, a name that resounded with both mystery and creativity, found himself in an extraordinary predicament that defied the boundaries of imagination. He had become the very character he had painstakingly crafted within the pages of his own novel. Villain of my own novel. This bizarre occurrence unfolded following his untimely demise, a demise brought about by the very magic he had once sought to harness, yet never quite mastered. The question that begged to be asked was, ‘Why did this happen?’ The answer, simple and incredulous, was: ‘Because I never believed my own mortality was a serious concern!’

As Eshwar grappled with his newfound existence within the realms of his literary creation, he couldn’t help but reflect on the peculiarities that led him to this perplexing juncture. His death, a result of the untamed magic he had once wielded with ambition and hubris, had occurred in a manner he had never anticipated. In his mind, his powers were always tools to mold his story, not harbingers of his doom. Yet, fate had a dark sense of humor, and Eshwar had been blindsided by his own creation.

In his novel, Eshwar had woven a tale centered around a protagonist who embodied traits that were far from virtuous. This character was inherently selfish, driven by personal desires, and unapologetically so. The curious question arose: why had Eshwar chosen to craft his lead character in this manner? The answer, as mischievous as it was candid, lay in the hands of the author himself. Eshwar chuckled to himself as he contemplated the motivations behind his literary choices. ‘Why?’ he mused, ‘Because I wrote him to be just like me! Muhahahaha, ha.’

Eshwar’s laughter echoed in the fictional world he now inhabited, a world he had once solely controlled from the safe confines of his writing desk. The character he had penned with all the nuances and intricacies of a complex personality was indeed a mirror reflecting his own flawed self. He had bestowed upon this character the very traits he sometimes grappled with in the real world – the allure of selfish desires, the struggle for control, and the intrigue of playing the puppeteer.

As he navigated the complexities of this newly acquired existence, Eshwar realized that he was no longer merely the creator of his story but an integral part of it. He bore the burdens and blessings of his own narrative, experiencing the world he had so meticulously constructed from an entirely different perspective.

In the grand tapestry of storytelling, Eshwar’s journey was a unique and enigmatic one. He had been thrust into the realm of his own imagination, and his creation had taken on a life of its own, mirroring his own imperfections. It was a reminder that the stories we craft, whether on paper or in life, are intrinsically tied to our own identities, shaped by our experiences, desires, and fears.

As Eshwar continued to explore the world he had created, he knew that his narrative was far from over. The threads of destiny intertwined with his own, and he was determined to uncover the mysteries that lay ahead. With every twist and turn, he would confront the character he had written to be ‘selfish’ and discover the depths of his own creation.


In this surreal and fantastical journey, Eshwar was poised to unravel the enigma of his existence, armed with the knowledge that even in the realm of fiction, the essence of self and storytelling remained intricately entwined, creating a narrative that defied the boundaries of reality and imagination.”

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