Unexpected Encounter

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Unexpected Encounter

Unexpected Encounter is a romance novel that tells the story of Easton Knight, an Alpha werewolf, and Jensen Blake, a human teenager.

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Easton is a ruthless and arrogant Alpha who has never been kind to anyone but his family. He is also mateless, which is a source of great shame and frustration for him.

Jensen is a sassy and independent teenager who is the soon-to-be Alpha of his own pack. He is also straight, which is a problem when he meets Easton, who is immediately drawn to him.

Easton and Jensen meet by chance when Jensen gets lost in the woods. Easton finds him and takes him back to his packhouse, where they are forced to spend time together. At first, Jensen is disgusted by Easton’s arrogance and cruelty, but he eventually comes to see that there is more to him than meets the eye.

Easton is also drawn to Jensen’s sass and independence. He has never met anyone like him before. Easton and Jensen begin to fall in love, but their relationship is forbidden. Werewolves are not supposed to mate with humans, and Easton’s pack would never accept Jensen.

Easton and Jensen must fight for their love against all odds. They must face the disapproval of their families and their friends, as well as the threat of Easton’s pack. However, their love is strong, and they are determined to be together, no matter what.


Unexpected Encounter is a well-written and engaging novel that explores the themes of love, acceptance, and overcoming prejudice. Easton and Jensen are complex and relatable characters, and their journey is both heartwarming and inspiring. The novel also features a cast of well-developed supporting characters, including Easton’s family and friends, as well as Jensen’s pack.

I would highly recommend Unexpected Encounter to fans of romance novels, especially those who enjoy stories with forbidden love and age gaps. It is a well-written and engaging novel with complex and relatable characters.

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