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the slotherhouse

Slotherhouse is a horror-comedy movie about a killer sloth that wreaks havoc in a sorority house. The movie follows Emily, a senior who wants to be elected as the president of Sigma Lambda Theta, a sorority that spells sloth. She adopts a cute sloth from a mysterious pet shop, hoping that it will boost her popularity and campaign. However, she soon discovers that the sloth, named Alpha, is not as harmless as it seems. Alpha has a taste for blood and starts killing off Emily’s rivals and enemies in gruesome ways. Emily must find a way to stop Alpha before it destroys her sorority and her life.

The movie is a parody of slasher films, with references to classics like Halloween and Child’s Play. It also mocks the stereotypes and clichés of sorority culture, such as the mean girls, the rituals, and the social media obsession. The movie does not take itself seriously and embraces its absurd premise with humor and gore. The sloth puppet is the star of the show, with its adorable appearance and its creative methods of murder. The movie also features some decent performances from the cast, especially Lisa Ambalavanar as Emily and Stefan Kapicic as Oliver, a fraternity guy who helps Emily..

Overall, Slotherhouse is a fun and silly movie that does not aim for high art or realism. It is a guilty pleasure for fans of horror-comedy and animal-themed movies. It is not a masterpiece, but it is entertaining enough for a one-time watch. I would give it 6 out of 10 stars.


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