The Sect is Trying Too Hard to Make a Good Showing. It Can Upgrade Itself Automatically


Ye Chen was reincarnated into a world of Eastern Fantasy and became the leader of Taixuan Sect. It Can Upgrade Itself Automatically. he sect had declined and nobody inherited its teachings. Currently, Ye Chen was the only one left and he thought that the sect would end just like that. However, the main peak of his sect was very sad to see that the sect was about to go extinct. It automatically gifted Ye Chen with a gold fortune dragon, which was a rare and precious treasure in the world of Eastern Fantasy. The dragon had the power to bring good luck and prosperity to its owner. Ye Chen was overjoyed by this gift and felt a renewed sense of hope for his sect’s future.

As time passed, Ye Chen discovered that Taixuan Sect was trying too hard and it could actually automatically upgrade. The scripture pavilion of his sect was disgusted by the low-level martial arts techniques stored in it. It automatically upgraded the level of the techniques. The main gate of his sect was very ashamed of its dilapidated state.

It automatically presented Ye Chen with a mountain guarding matrix and a stone tablet. The divine beast garden of his sect sensed some divine beasts were about to give birth. It automatically lured them back into the sect. The Tower of Inheritance of his sect did not want to be left behind when it saw that other parts of the sect were trying so hard. It has automatically contacted a prodigy to join Taixuan Sect.


Unbeknownst when, Taixuan Sect had grown into a gigantic sect. Its abilities stood head and shoulders above that of many martial arts sects and noble clans. Ye Chen clarified, “I really did not do anything. My sect is trying too hard to make a good showing.”

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