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son of the storm

Son of the Storm is a captivating and ambitious epic fantasy that transports the reader to a richly imagined world inspired by pre-colonial West Africa. The author skillfully weaves together multiple perspectives, complex characters, and intricate magic systems to create a story that is both thrilling and thought-provoking. The novel explores themes such as identity, power, colonialism, and resistance, as well as the consequences of secrets and lies.

The main protagonist is Danso, a scholar who is dissatisfied with the rigid and oppressive society of Bassa, the dominant empire in the continent. He is fascinated by the forbidden stories and secrets of the world outside the city walls, which the Bassai elite claim to be barren and savage. His curiosity leads him to encounter Lilong, a mysterious warrior from the Nameless Islands, who possesses a rare form of magic that challenges the Bassai’s claim to supremacy. Together, they embark on a journey to discover the truth about their origins and the history of the continent, while being pursued by Esheme, Danso’s former fiancée and a ruthless usurper who wants to use Lilong’s power for her own ambitions.

The novel is full of twists and turns, surprises and revelations, as the characters uncover secrets that could change the fate of the empire and the world. The author does an excellent job of creating a diverse and vibrant cast of characters, each with their own motivations, flaws, and strengths. The characters are not simply heroes or villains, but complex and realistic individuals who face difficult choices and moral dilemmas. The novel also showcases the diversity and richness of the cultures and peoples of the continent, as well as the conflicts and tensions that arise from their interactions.

The novel’s magic system is one of its most impressive aspects. The author creates a unique and original system based on ibor, a material that gives the person wielding it impossible powers. An iborworker can change the color of their skin, manipulate the elements, even raise the dead into zombie puppets. The magic is not only a source of wonder and awe, but also a source of danger and corruption. The novel explores the ethical and political implications of using such a powerful weapon, as well as the potential for abuse and exploitation.

Son of the Storm is a stunning debut that sets up an epic trilogy that promises to be even more exciting and engaging. The novel is a must-read for fans of fantasy, especially those who are looking for stories that are inspired by non-Western cultures and histories. The novel is not only a great entertainment, but also a great reflection on the issues and challenges that are relevant to our own world. I highly recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys fantasy, adventure, and intrigue.


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About The Author

suyi davies

The author of Son of the Storm is Suyi Davies Okungbowa, a Nigerian fantasy, science fiction and speculative writer and academic. He was born in 1989 in Benin City, Nigeria, and studied civil engineering at the University of Benin. He later moved to the US, where he obtained an MFA in creative writing at the University of Arizona. He is currently an assistant professor of creative writing at the University of Ottawa in Canada

He has published various novels for adults and younger readers, including The Nameless Republic epic fantasy trilogy, David Mogo, Godhunter, Stranger Things: Lucas on the Line, Minecraft: The Haven Trials, and Black Panther: Tales of Wakanda. His work is heavily influenced by the histories and cultures of West Africa and Nigeria, and explores themes such as identity, power, colonialism, and resistance. He has won the 2020 Nommo Award for Best Speculative Novel by an African and has been nominated for other awards. He has also been featured in various media outlets such as WIRED, Forbes, The Washington Post, The New York Times, and ABC
He is married and lives in Ottawa with his wife. He enjoys reading, watching movies, playing video games, and traveling². He is active on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. You can follow him or visit his website to learn more about him and his work

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