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monkey meat

Monkey Meat is a comic book series by Juni Ba, a Senegalese-French cartoonist and illustrator. The series is an anthology of stories set in a fantasy island where the Monkey Meat Company has turned the local wildlife into processed meat products and experimented with magic and technology. The series is a satire of capitalism, consumerism, and environmental issues, as well as a tribute to African culture and folklore. Each issue is a standalone story that follows the adventures of different characters living in the island, such as Thaddeus Lug, a monkey detective, or Nana, a young girl who wants to become a pop star. The series is published by Image Comics and the first issue was released in January 202212.

About The Author

juni ba
juni ba

Juni Ba is the creator, writer, and artist of Monkey Meat. He was born in Dakar, Senegal, and moved to France when he was seven years old, studied animation at the Gobelins School of the Image in Paris and worked as a storyboard artist and animator for various studios. He started making comics in 2016 and published his first graphic novel, Djeliya, in 2020. Djeliya is fantasy story inspired by West African legends featuring two characters who embark on quest to restore fallen kingdom. Juni Ba’s style is influenced by manga, European comics, and African art. He uses vibrant colors, dynamic layouts, and expressive characters to create his unique and imaginative worlds


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