I Am Legend and Other Stories PDF Novel

I Am Legend and Other Stories PDF Novel


I Am Legend: Robert Neville is the last living man in New York City. A virus has turned most of the population into vampires, and Neville is forced to live in isolation and hunt them at night. He is slowly losing his grip on reality, and he begins to wonder if he is really the last man alive. The Survivor: A group of survivors are trying to rebuild their lives after a nuclear war. They are faced with the challenges of finding food, water, and shelter, as well as the threat of radiation poisoning.

No Such Thing as a Vampire: A man is convinced that he is a vampire, but his friends and family refuse to believe him. He is forced to live a life of isolation, and he begins to question his own sanity. The Hungry Ones: A group of people are trapped in a house with a group of creatures that are neither human nor animal. The creatures are hungry and dangerous, and the people must find a way to escape before they are killed.

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I Am Legend and Other Stories Information

Format: 317 pages, Paperback
Published: September 15, 1997 by Orb Books
ISBN: 9780312865047 (ISBN10: 031286504X)
Language: English

About the Author

Born in Allendale, New Jersey to Norwegian immigrant parents, Matheson was raised in Brooklyn and graduated from Brooklyn Technical High School in 1943. He then entered the military and spent World War II as an infantry soldier. In 1949 he earned his bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Missouri and moved to California in 1951. He married in 1952 and has four children, three of whom (ChrisRichard Christian, and Ali Matheson) are writers of fiction and screenplays.

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Neville is given a choice: he can either join the vampires or be executed. He chooses to be executed, but before he dies, he tells Ruth that she is wrong. He says that the vampires are the monsters, because they have lost their humanity.

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