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Fantasy / God of Tricksters by Author: Fixten

God of Tricksters is a web novel written by Fixten. It follows the story of a young man named Robert Oldman, who is transported to another world by a mysterious force. Robert quickly realizes that this new world is a game-like world, where everyone is forced to play in order to survive.

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Robert is given a unique class called the Trickster, which allows him to use his cunning and deceit to his advantage. Robert uses his abilities to quickly rise through the ranks of the game world, becoming one of the most powerful players.

However, Robert soon realizes that the game world is not what it seems. There is a dark secret that the game masters are trying to hide from the players, and Robert is determined to uncover it.

Along the way, Robert meets a group of friends and allies who help him on his quest. Together, they face many challenges, including powerful monsters, dangerous dungeons, and complex political intrigues. But Robert and his friends always manage to overcome them, thanks to their strength, intelligence, and teamwork.


God of Tricksters is a well-written and engaging novel with a complex and interesting protagonist. Robert is a flawed but likable character, and his journey is both exciting and suspenseful. The novel also features a strong cast of supporting characters, including both male and female characters.

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