Defiant; Songs of Chaos PDF Novel

songs of chaos

Summary: Defiant; Songs of chaos continues the story of Osric Agravain, a former serving boy who became a dragon rider after bonding with a blind black dragon named Ash. In this book, Osric travels to the Fallow Frontier, a barren land where he hopes to heal his inner wounds and learn more about his mysterious dragon. Meanwhile, Paragon Adaskar, the leader of the dragon riders, faces a crisis as his authority is challenged by some of his subordinates who disagree with his vision for the future. As the world is threatened by an ancient evil that seeks to unleash chaos, Osric and Adaskar must overcome their personal struggles and unite their forces to defend their home and their dragons.

Review: Defiant is a thrilling and satisfying conclusion to the Songs of Chaos trilogy, which has been praised for its original and engaging dragon magic system, its well-developed characters, and its fast-paced plot. Miller delivers a satisfying payoff for the fans of the series, as he wraps up the main arcs and reveals the secrets behind Ash’s origin and abilities. The book is full of action, emotion, and twists that will keep the readers hooked until the end. The book also explores themes such as loyalty, friendship, courage, and sacrifice, as the characters face difficult choices and consequences. The book is a must-read for fans of epic fantasy, especially those who love dragons and their riders.


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