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cassiel's servant

Cassiel’s Servant is a novel by Jacqueline Carey that retells the story of Kushiel’s Dart from the perspective of Joscelin Verreuil, a warrior-priest who becomes the protector and lover of Phèdre nó Delaunay, a courtesan and spy. The novel is set in a fantasy world inspired by medieval Europe, where the people of Terre d’Ange worship a pantheon of gods descended from a fallen angel named Elua. Phèdre is marked by a red mote in her eye, which signifies that she is an anguissette, one who experiences pain as pleasure. She is also chosen by Kushiel, the god of justice and punishment, to serve as his instrument in the world.

The novel follows Joscelin’s journey from his childhood training in the Cassiline Brotherhood, a monastic order dedicated to celibacy and martial arts, to his fateful encounter with Phèdre, who hires him as her bodyguard. Joscelin struggles to reconcile his vows and his feelings for Phèdre, who leads him into a web of intrigue, danger, and passion. Together, they uncover a plot to overthrow the queen of Terre d’Ange and unleash a dark force that threatens to destroy their world. They travel across different lands and cultures, facing enemies and allies, while discovering secrets about their own destinies.

Cassiel’s Servant is a captivating and immersive novel that explores themes of love, loyalty, faith, and freedom. It offers a new and nuanced insight into Joscelin’s character, revealing his inner thoughts, emotions, and conflicts. It also enriches the original story of Kushiel’s Dart by adding more details, perspectives, and twists. Fans of Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel’s Legacy series will enjoy revisiting this beloved world and its characters from a different angle. New readers will be drawn into a rich and complex fantasy that blends history, mythology, and romance. Cassiel’s Servant is a must-read for anyone who loves epic fantasy with a touch of eroticism and adventure.


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